Thursday, November 01, 2007

[The Hankyoreh, October 27 2007] [Editorial] Korea National Ballet: Embodying hypocrisy

The Korea National Ballet has decided to punish prima ballerina Kim Joo-won by reducing her pay for one month, for violating ballet company regulations which prohibit activities conducted outside the company without permission. The accusations began as a question of how the country’s finest ballerina could be so lewd as to appear topless in a fashion magazine, and it is why the company scurried to get its personnel committee together to respond. In doing so, however, the company avoided making a judgment on the issue at hand and instead focused on peripheral issues.


Bodies are the homes of human life. It is through the body that the health and beauty of life are revealed. Our society will be free from its voyeurism and hypocrisy when it is able to appreciate the beauty and preciousness of the human body. Kim says she is sorry for causing controversy. But is our society that has caused the controversy.

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