Thursday, November 01, 2007

AsiaMedia :: KOREA: Web sites for draftdodging to be banned

"Ministry of National Defense instates ban after more websites and blogs offer information on how to evade military duty

The Korea Times Sunday,
October 28, 2007
By Kim Tae-jong

Web sites will be soon banned from using phrases and words implying that they offer tips on how to evade military service, the Ministry of National Defense said Sunday. The move came as a large number of Web sites, personal blogs and Internet cafes are offering information to help those seeking to evade duty is increasing. The ministry is now cooperation with the Ministry of Information and Communication as well as major portal sites. Under the regulation, sites would not be allowed to use such keywords and phrases as 'army dodging methods' and 'solution to conscription' and links to other sites that offer the illegal advice. Rep. Maeng Hyung-kyu of the largest opposition Grand National Party estimated there are some 100 Web sites that sell information on how to evade military service and they have around 300,000 members."

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