Friday, October 26, 2007

[The Hankyoreh, October 19 2007] Munhwa Ilbo apologizes for releasing nude photos

Civic groups say paper’s statement does not go far enough and ask for revision

The Munhwa Ilbo newspaper on October 18 apologized for printing a nude photo of degree scammer Shin Jeong-ah on September 13. Civic groups and women’s rights advocacy organizations, however, have taken issue with the nature of the apology, raising questions about the paper’s use of sensationalism, and privacy violations and human rights issues in journalism.

The newspaper published a statement apologizing for the incident on its front page, saying it had printed the photo with consideration for the people’s right to know. “We sincerely apologize to readers for inciting a controversy over sensationalism and criticism over violation of human rights,” added the newspaper.

The statement makes it sound as though the newspaper feels that it was right to print the photo but is offering an apology due to the criticism it has received and the social controversy it has created.

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