Friday, August 17, 2007

[The Chosun Ilbo, August 16 2007] New Marketing Trend Uses Common Words for Names

A new trend is developing in which brands are named after common nouns. A case in point is KTF's 3G wireless service Show. Many food and drink brands are using short words for their products such as Cow and Tree from Dongwon Dairy Foods, Cantata coffee from Lotte Chilsung and Seattle canned coffee from Dong Suh Foods.

The trend is appearing in the electronics industry, too: Samsung Electronics has launched a Miniskirt phone and Blackjack smartphone, while LG Electronics has a Wine phone and Banana phone, to name a few.

Samsung Networks on Tuesday launched a comprehensive wireless service called U-Ready, which implies that a ubiquitous work environment is always readily available. LG Household & Health Care has a line of dish liquids called Safe, one of which is named Safe Brown Rice to emphasize its use of natural ingredients.

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