Wednesday, June 13, 2007

[The Chosun Ilbo, June 1 2007] Searching for Reason on the Internet

This reporter has been conducting an online war against an invisible porno hacker lately. The hacker showed up about a month ago on, and since then he's been posting pop-up banners promoting pornographic DVDs almost every day. Naturally we keep deleting the banners and rejecting his log-on, but soon after he will create a new log-on and post more pornographic banners. It's like he's deliberately trying to make us angry. The hacker creates log-ons using the real names of about four or five people a month to post his banners, and the victims whose identities have been stolen may never know about it. These days, when anybody can find hundreds of resident registration numbers and names with a simple Google search, it is this reporter, sadly, who is the loser in this online war.

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