Monday, November 17, 2008

YTN protesters march into day 100

[Hankyoreh, October 25 2008]

7,600 journalists release petition calling for an independent media free from political influence

Media movement members had a full-scale gathering in front of the YTN building on the 100th day of the fight to prevent YTN President Gu Bon-hong from returning to work. A situation statement signed by more than 7,600 journalists was posted in front of the YTN building on Friday evening, and hundreds of former and current journalists and ordinary citizens applied pressure to the company, surrounding the building with large banners listing the names of the signatories.

On Friday morning, the 99th day of the fight to prevent him from returning to work, Gu once again failed to gain entry. Pushing through union members and saying that he had to go to work because it was payday, he was blocked by the labor union and turned around after 15 minutes.

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