Thursday, September 04, 2008

[The Hankyoreh, August 15 2008] Conservatives blame MBC program for candlelight protests

Prosecution may request arrest warrants and search and seizure warrants for MBC producers

[The Hankyoreh, August 14 2008] [Editorial] MBC’s compromising position

Yesterday the MBC program “The Producer’s Notebook” apologized on the air for its mad cow disease report, giving in to the Korea Communications Commission’s binding order to do so. Procedures do exist for challenging the order, but the broadcaster chose against that option and has reassigned the producer responsible as internal censure. The management’s decision goes directly against the position of the news media professionals who have resisted the prosecution’s investigation and the commission’s sanctions, seeing them as suppression of the media. It is also a betrayal of the country, which has trusted and supported the program.

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