Monday, August 11, 2008

[The Chosun Ilbo, June 19 2008] Internet Portals Asked to Help Curb Business Sabotage

Activists are hounding businesses that advertise in Korea’s big conservative dailies including the Chosun Ilbo with telephone terror and attacks on the Internet over the newspapers’ reportage on the protests against U.S. beef. The attacks usually take the form of nuisance calls to jam the companies’ switchboards. Now the five leading employers’ organizations have asked the portal sites used by the activists as staging posts for their attacks not to assist in the obstruction of legitimate corporate advertising activities.

The Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Federation of Korean Industries, the Korea International Trade Association, the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business, and the Korea Employers' Federation on Wednesday said they sent an official letter to five major portal sites -- Naver, Daum, Yahoo, Nate and Paran -- plus DCInside, an Internet community, asking them to "cooperate so that companies’ normal business activities will not be discouraged."

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