Wednesday, December 19, 2007

[ News, Science / Tech, December 10 2007] Korea aims to export atomic reactors to Canada

Korea’s state-run power generation companies said Monday (Dec. 10) that they are engaged in talks to export nuclear reactors to Canada.

Korea Electric Power Corp. (KEPCO) and Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. said there is a fair chance that they would be selected as the initial negotiation partners to build reactors in Ontario.

"The exact time of the selection has not been decided, but we are trying very hard to successfully conclude ongoing negotiators," said a KEPCO source.


With the exception of some key parts, Korea can design and build its own commercial reactors. The Korean Standard Nuclear Power Plant is already in operation, while at least four Korean Advanced Power Reactors are planned.

In addition to the Canadian deal, KEPCO said it is engaged in talks with Turkey, Morocco, Vietnam and China to build commercial reactors.

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