Tuesday, December 11, 2007

[The Hankyoreh, November 30 2007] The main opposition GNP wages war with the media

MBC unionists criticize GNP's harsh stance as media oppression and blackmailing

The main opposition Grand National Party has virtually declared war against MBC, which has been airing the BBK fraud case as its main story, inciting MBC’s labor union to fight back, saying that the GNP’s actions are akin to “media oppression.” Ahead of the prosecution’s interim report on its investigation into the BBK case, which is scheduled to be released on December 5, the battlefield of the GNP has spilled over into media.

On November 29, the GNP refused to take part in MBC’s public debate program “100-Minute Discussion.” Nine GNP lawmakers also visited MBC to directly deliver their protests to the broadcaster’s president, Choi Moon-soon. While the GNP claims its actions were justified as a way to defend itself from malicious propaganda, critics say that the GNP deserves the criticism that it is trying to tame the media for reporting on stories that were critical of Lee Myung-bak.


A lawmaker who is close to the media said, “The GNP’s harsh response is understandable because, for now, there is a state of war. But if it wins the presidential election, the GNP should change its attitude.” The lawmaker continued, “President Roh, despite some of his achievements, has been blamed for taking a hostile stance against some of the nation’s newspapers.”

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